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Safeguarding Children at School is our Number 1 priority. On this page, we will include information and advice to parents to help them ensure their child stays safe.







Updated procedures during Closure:

The best interests and welfare of children will always come first and receive the highest priority.

During closure, we will be offering a reduced provision for children of key workers. We have established a staff rota which ensures that either the Lead Designated Safeguarding Lead (Maria Soulsby) or Deputy DSL (Sarah Morton, Ian Leach) will be on site. Should any of those DSLs become unable to attend the school site, their role will be covered by available DSLs. If no DSLs are able to be on site, other arrangements will be made. 

As during normal school conditions, all visitors to school will be checked to ensure no unsuitable person is allowed to enter the school. It should be noted that due to the Coronavirus situation and social distancing rules, it would be highly unusual to allow any visitor into the school building. 

We are aware that children will be accessing more material online. In school, this is carefully monitored by staff and all websites are checked out before use. All families have been advised that any links or websites which they use at home should be checked out by an appropriate adult before use by a child

We will act upon advice from the LA and other safeguarding partners as and when received. This update will be updated as and when appropriate.

Staff have been advised of the actions they must take should they have a safeguarding concern regarding any child. For staff in school, the referral process remains the same as when school is open. For staff working from home, all referrals should be recorded and emailed to the Lead DSL; personal information such as full name, date of birth, address must not be contained within this email. The member of staff should contact the DSL with specific personal details. It is expected that all safeguarding concerns are acted upon immediately, as already done when school is open. Any allegations against an adult should be handled in the same way. Staff are expected to work with social workers and support their work; this may involve speaking with them on the phone whilst at home. 

Each week, staff will make a telephone call to all families to check in with them and answer any queries. Any concerns noted during this phone call will be recorded and reported to the DSL. Staff will provide guidance for families to ensure that the emotional and mental health & well-being needs of children are being met appropriately by adults at home. 

The NSPCC provides excellent advice for parents, professionals and children.

Our Designated Person for Child Protection is Ms Soulsby - parents are able to speak with her in confidence regarding any safeguarding issue or concern.

All staff have received Safeguarding training, and are aware of the signs of child abuse. Where there are concerns, the school operates a robust process for reporting and referring concerns, and works in partnership with colleagues in Children's Social Care and beyond.


Our Child Protection policy can be found here


We participate in the Local Authority's Domestic Abuse notification scheme; please see this letter for more information