St James' CE Primary School

Creating a school family founded upon Christian values

  • love
  • hope
  • peace
  • joy
  • forgiveness
  • compassion
  • honesty
  • patience
  • perseverance
  • koinonia

School Uniform

St James' CE Primary believes that a consistent school uniform is vital to promote the school's ethos and provide all pupils with a sense of belonging and identity, regardless of their protected characteristics or socio-economic circumstances.

 The uniform includes the following elements of pupils’ appearance:

● Clothing, including the school uniform itself, variations of the school uniform such as PE kits, and other clothing worn at school, e.g. non-uniform.

● Hairstyles and headwear.

● Jewellery and other accessories.

● Cosmetics such as makeup and nail polish.


By choosing St James' and sending your child to school here, you agree to our procedures and policies. 


The St James' uniform policy is consistent, fair and inclusive, reflective of the needs of all pupils. We regularly check that it is affordable and the best value for money for the school and pupils’ families in line with our school's vision for education. 


St James' Uniform Policy 



Our Uniform can be ordered from Mapac

Please make sure all uniform is named.

We have teamed up with two great name label companies, Stikins and Stamptastic. Both come highly recommended by current parents at the school, and provide a super quick and easy way to label your children's posessions (no sewing or ironing required!) 

Stikins provide sheets of sticky name labels that can be used on pretty much everything (clothes, shoes, water bottles, bags, stationary etc), while Stamptastic provide a personalised stamp that can be used on most fabrics, metal, wood and some plastics.

Any orders placed using our school's code will raise money for the school, at no extra cost to you.

School fundraising number to enter at checkout: 19770

PTA code to enter at checkout:  MK404BD