St James' CE Primary School

Creating a school family founded upon Christian values

  • love
  • hope
  • peace
  • joy
  • forgiveness
  • compassion
  • honesty
  • patience
  • perseverance
  • koinonia



Personal, Social, Health & Moral Education


The aim for PSHE education is to provide pupils with:


accurate, balanced and relevant knowledge

opportunities to turn that knowledge into personal understanding

opportunities to explore, clarify and if necessary challenge, their own and others’ values, attitudes, beliefs, rights and responsibilities

 the skills, language and strategies they need in order to live healthy, safe, fulfilling, responsible and balanced lives

opportunities to develop positive personal attributes such as resilience, self-confidence, self-esteem, and empathy

Intent, Implementation, Impact


We use the Jigsaw scheme to teach PSHME - this is a whole school 'mindful approach' and has the following themes which are taught each year to all children:


  • Being Me in My World
  • Celebrating Difference
  • Dreams and Goals
  • Healthy Me
  • Relationships

More information can be found here.

Using Jigsaw helps us to teach children about the Protected Characteristics, and during 2022-2023, we are participating in the Equaliteach project which will enable us to further develop our understanding of these characteristics. By doing this work, we can ensure that everyone in our school family is treated fairly and with respect and understanding, as well as meeting our legal duties.

Relationships and Sex Education policy

RHSE Guide for parents